When you supply goods or services, you expect to be paid promptly, but there is a deeply embedded culture of late payments. For some businesses, delaying payment is an essential part of the business model.

Outstanding payments are problematic for various reasons. First, there’s the basic problem of cashflow within the supplying business. Then there’s the time spent chasing late payments and the stress it can cause.

Read our article to see what methods you can use to improve cashflow.

We are also partners with GoCardless, a trusted provider allowing you to collect payments effortlessly via direct debit. The benefits:

  • No more late payments – never chase a payment again. Direct Debit allows you to collect funds automatically on payment dates.
  • Not just for fixed amounts – once a Direct Debit is in place, you can use it to collect one-off or recurring payments of any amount.
  • Control your cashflow – you choose the dates you collect funds, meaning you’ll be able to predict future revenue for your business.
  • Connects with Xero – save even more time by collecting payments through your existing tools.

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