By April 2021 there were 2,333 buy-to-let mortgage products on offer – more than at any point since the start of the pandemic. Also, in the three months to 31 May 2021, the average interest rates for residential landlords had declined.

It all adds up to good news for investors seeking to expand their property portfolio or buy a second home, and this is further enhanced by the fact rental incomes grew 5.9% in April – the fastest growth since January 2015.

Taxes have shifted significantly for landlords over the past five years and it’s not as attractive as it once was to borrow money to fund your purchase. However, it can still be set up in an efficient way to maximise your rental income and capital gains tax position.

In our article, we look at:

  • Stamp duty land tax taper

  • Tax liabilities on rental income – both personally and through property companies

  • Capital gains tax considerations

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