Smoothing out your cashflow journey

From affording your next VAT bill to getting approved for a loan, far too many business owners lose sleep over cashflow worries.

We want to change that – by providing you with the tools that takes away the stress of cashflow forecasting.

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello to real time cashflow.

Cashflow management

We provide a cashflow management tool as standard to build a 90 day forecast, or 12 months if needed.

How does it work?

The software uses artificial intelligence to identify patters in your Xero accounting data to give you something visual.

When you log in, you’ll see your current cash situation, like how much you’re owed and your biggest cash movements for the month ahead.

Why use it?

The problem with traditional cashflow forecasting is that it’s stuck in the past. As soon as it’s produced, it’s immediately out of date, which isn’t good enough when you need to make informed financial decisions.

With our cashflow tool, you’re constantly connected to all the moving parts of your living, breathing business. Instead of simply telling you what has already happened, it helps you figure out what to do next.

Cashflow management screen
Fluidly forecast


When your account is first synced with Xero, the cashflow tool instantly breaks down your accounting data to look for patterns. It then analyses your regular transactions to predict future payments. Once your forecast is ready, you can see a projection of the peaks and troughs of your business’ cashflow. You’re free to tweak it too.

There’s no lengthy training required, just plug in your accounting software and you’re ready to go.


Let’s say you’re thinking about hiring a new member of staff or closing down your office to save on rent. Once your forecast is all set up, you can use Plan to easily model the impact of different scenarios like this on your cashflow.

Plan mirrors the data from your forecast so that you can easily build on top of it – simply by dragging the sliders left or right. This allows you to see your plan alongside your current cash situation, and predict how your future cash might go up or down.

Fluidly planning

Improve your cash flow further

Get paid faster and save time with our credit control service. Automate invoice payment reminders without losing the personal touch.

The problem

  • Outdated accounts receivable processes based on manual invoice chasing and collections
  • High debtor days and delayed payments
  • Manual processes often fail, resulting in lost revenue and profit

The solution

  • Reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks and ensure unpaid invoices don’t fall through the cracks

  • Seamlessly connects to your accounting system

  • Build on your existing invoicing and accounting tools

Chaser centralized CRM
0+ hours
Saved each week
0+ days
Paid sooner

All whilst maintaining good customer relationships

“Customers are now sticking to a much better payment timetable”

Gillian Ashton – Ashton Printers

Let us remove the stress of cashflow forecasting

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