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Complying with complex tax regulations and keeping up to date with the constant change in legislation can be a minefield

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Compliance and advisory

Tax advice is at the core of everything we do. We can advise on all these areas:

Corporation tax

We can identify the allowances and reliefs available to your business to legitimately reduce your corporation tax liability.

Property tax

We can help advise on acquisitions and disposals, and structuring or restructuring your property portfolio in the most tax efficient way.

R&D tax relief

We can review your projects and costs to see whether they qualify for R&D tax relief under both the SME and RDEC schemes.

Personal tax

We can advise on minimising your personal tax liability by performing a full review of your circumstances.

Capital gains tax

We can help minimise the tax liabilities resulting from complex asset disposals such as shares or cryptocurrencies.

HMRC enquiries

We can represent you in the event of a HMRC enquiry, covering all the main taxes.


We can guide you through the complexities of VAT and the various schemes, including advising on specific transactions.

Inheritance tax

We can help protect your legacy by ensuring your estate is not unnecessarily exposed to inheritance tax.


We can help advise on areas such as effective remuneration planning, succession planning or business acquisitions and disposals to name a few.

We have saved tax for individuals and businesses totalling:


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Case studies

These are just some examples of tax problems we have solved.

R&D tax claim


A local manufacturing company performed a significant amount of R&D work and were unaware of the potential tax relief from their previous accountant.


We identified this opportunity and used our R&D specialist team to review and make a claim.


The company received a tax refund of £130,000 in the first year and refunds between £50,000 and £100,000 in each subsequent year.



HMRC mandated that a large construction company should make VAT payments on account of £99,000 per month.


We reviewed the tax legislation and provided HMRC with detailed forecasts showing the company should not be making payments on account.


HMRC removed the company from the payments on account regime, improving their cashflow at a crucial time.



A company was disposing of its property on which a large capital gains would result and also personal tax on extracting the funds.


We recommended the company make a pension contribution to the shareholders and utilise the carry forward rules.


This saved the company and the shareholders total tax of just under £100,000. It also gave them the ability to extract funds from the company into personal accounts tax efficiently which helped their retirement plans.



A business was operating as a partnership but paying significant amounts of personal tax and NIC under their previous accountant.


We incorporated the business into a limited company utilising the tax reliefs available.


This saved the business owners £15,000 in personal tax and NIC. In addition, they have the added benefits of trading through a limited company.

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